Grow Disciples
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Transform Communities
Faith Assembly is a carecell church 
that seeks to honour God, strengthen families & transform communities 
in Singapore and the nations beyond.


Rev. Lindsey Lui

Senior Pastor

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Ps. Isaiah Fadzlin

Ministry Overseer

Ps. Susan Koh

Chinese Pastor

Ps. Aggie Chan

Zone Pastor

Overseas Missions Coord.

BVP David Wong

Zone & Family Life Pastor

Rev. Lorena Tsai

Chinese Pastor

Amelia Kok

FaithKids Overseer

Local Missions


Lim An Li


Chinese Ministry Admin

Sidney Ang

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Carol Sim

Admin Executive Design Print & Media

Adam Kok

Church Worship Tech.

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Rev. Vallance & Lula Baird

1949 to 1951

In 1949, Rev. Vallance & Lula Baird, who were pastoring Elim Church, felt the need of establishing a new Church primarily for the Cantonese-speaking people. A shop-house at E-24 Rayman Avenue was rented from the Singapore Improvement Trust.

The Church was known as Assembly of God Gospel Hall. Sunday services for the first few months were attended mainly by children. Slowly but steadily, the Church began to grow. The Church was later set in order with 38 charter members by Rev. Howard Osgood, the Far East Field Director of the Assemblies of God of America.


Rev. & Mrs. Cyril G Francis

1951 to 1954

Rev. & Mrs. Cyril G. Francis, who were British missionaries, helped to minister to the Church in Rayman Avenue when the Bairds were away.


Mdm. Lau To Chan


Mdm. Lau To Chan who came from Hong Kong, ministered mainly to the Cantonese-speaking people. She was ordained in 1957.

Others who also ministered to the church during this period were Mdm Tan Kiat Jin, a Teochew Bible Woman; Rev. Sarah Johnson, an American lady, who was a lecturer at the Hong Kong Bible School; Rev. J. Wagner, an American lady missionary and Rev. Luther Szetoh who was from Hong Kong and he was also a travelling evangelist.


Rev. Stevens L. Nolin & Family

1954 to 1968

Rev. & Mrs. Stevens L. Nolin took over as the pastors of the Church from 1954. They found a property at 1-A Kim Keat Road in November 1959. The property was purchased and remodelling began. The building at 1-A Kim Keat Road was dedicated on Easter Sunday in 1960. The church was named Faith Assembly of God Church.

Rev. Edna M. Devin assumed the pastorship in 1963. Rev. & Mrs. Stevens L. Nolin returned the year after and continued to pastor the church until their return to America in 1968, after serving for almost 14 years.


Rev. Edna Devin

1963 to 1964

Rev. Edna Devin, an American lady missionary from Indonesia, served as an interim Pastor while the Nolins returned to United States on furlough.


Rev. & Mrs. Francis Cheong

1968 to 1977

Rev. Francis Cheong took over in August 1968 and continued as a pastor till he resigned in February 1977 to become the youth co-ordinator of the Assemblies of God of Singapore.


Rev.Dr. Andrew Ong & Family

1977 to 2010

Rev. Dr. Andrew Ong Chuan Leong, the Pastor of Glad Tidings Assembly, Klang, started his pastorship on 15th August 1977. He was the longest serving Senior Pastor for 32 years and stepped down in January 2010. Presently, he is our Minister at large serving as an itinerant preacher and teacher locally and overseas.


Rev. Humphrey Choe & Family

2010 to 2012

Rev. Humphrey Choe became the Lead Pastor in February 2010 and spearheaded the church vision to impart generations for Christ. In March 2012 he stepped down to pursue overseas missions work.

Rev Lindsey Lui & Family

2012 to Present

Rev Lindsey Lui was installed as the Senior Pastor on 25 March 2012. She had served as a youth pastor and was active in overseas missions. Her vision is to impact generations for Christ by building a people committed to outreach, discipleship and leadership.



Faith Assembly is an Assemblies of God church. We are committed to 16 fundamental truths in the Assemblies of God movement.