Every Faith member a committed disciple and strategic leader. 

Essential Series (New Believers) 

Essential 101

Mastering The Basics

Start: 10 Aug 2021 (5 sessions)

Every Tuesday 8pm @ Zoom

For young Christians who want to discover their NEW IDENTITY and how to enjoy their NEW LIFE.
Pre-requisite for Essential 201 Water Baptism and Membership

Faith That Works

6 Part Series on the Book of James

Start: 14 Sept 2021 

Every Tuesday 8pm @ Zoom

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Our faith ACTIONS speak louder than our faith CONFESSION. 
This module challenges you to grow your faith in these (6) areas: developing an unshakeable faith, loving your neighbours, doing good works, blessing and not cursing people, trusting God for your future and believing God to heal the sick.

Thrive Series (Growing Disciples)

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Christian Choices in a Changing World

What does the Bible say about how to live in today's world? Discover biblical worldview to difficult ethical issues, including wealth and poverty, marriage and divorce, abortion, euthanasia, LGBT, environmental stewardship, and more. 

Start: 10 August 2021

Every Tuesday 8pm @ Zoom

Leap Series (Leaders & Servers) 

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DNA of A Leader

And what the priests do, the people also do (Hosea 4:9).

Let us learn how to be privately healthy and publicly fruitful. 

Grow with us in our monthly Leadership Cells!

Contact your Zone Pastor for info. 

Start: March (10 sessions)

Family Life Series

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 Marriage Preparation Program

Starting Oct 17 to Nov 14,

2-4 pm @ Level 3

In a serious dating relationship? Thinking of what it takes to build a loving and fulfilling marriage? Our

MPP facilitators are here for you! We would love to walk with you through 7 to 10 sessions to empower you in your next big step. We welcome friends from our community to connect with us too. For details, contact your Zone Pastor or email us @ davidwong@faithag.org.sg


Marriage Counselling

Feeling stuck in your marriage? Looking to build stronger roots in your family? Let us walk with you. Contact your Zone Pastor or email us @ davidwong@faithag.org.sg

Marriage Mentoring Program

This course seeks to empower couples to mentor younger couples in their marriage. You'll learn the art and heart of Marriage Mentoring and key skills such as how to set relationship boundaries. Prerequisite: Couples who are married for more than 5 years. For details, contact your Zone Pastor or email us @ davidwong@faithag.org.sg