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Thank You Donors!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

New Laptops for HBL!

Faith Assembly purchased brand new laptops for 3 families in our Milk & Cereal Project in July. We wanted to help their children to adapt well during the Home Based Learning (HBL) period. Faith volunteers visited the families to set up and to give a quick tutorial on how to use the laptop. The families were touched. Here’s a BIG thank you from them to Faith volunteers and donors! You make a difference!

"My 3 children used to share 1 laptop during HBL. Now with a new laptop, 2 of them can simultaneously attend Zoom classes and access their work online. This helps them catch up with school work and spend their time efficiently."

~ Mdm Naazrana & her children, Aaron & Arianna Ashikin

"It was difficult for us to complete our Student Learning Space (SLS) assignments because our laptop was spoilt and we had to use an old phone.. With this new laptop, we can now complete our homework at home!"

~ Muhammad Lufir & Mia UmairahRazef

"We’ve challenges with our 3 children’s HBL since we’ve only one laptop at home. We’re constantly bickering who to use it. Now with an additional laptop, we can study and complete our school work with ease and in peace."

~ Javinia Johari and siblings

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