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Impact Asia Stories > Rohingya 2021 DMIT

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Testimonies from Rohingya D-MIT

1. Three things I learnt from my first mission trip by Ezra Ho, 9 years old

a. People who are shy can still join mission trips and contribute in their own ways. I was quite shy initially but slowly I learnt to open up and engage the Rohingya children.

b. Not to be afraid of challenges: There were many things I did not know how to do. Nevertheless, I tried my best to learn them and asked God to help me, such as, leading the quiz section for the English lesson.

c. When I join mission trips, I can make new friends from other countries too.

2. How have I been stretched as a D-MIT leader for the first time by Edbert Wellington

Being a D-MIT leader for the first time has made me realize I have to improve on my leadership skills. I also need to read the Bible regularly so that I can share more stories about Jesus with the Rohingya children. In order to build up my Bible knowledge, I should attend more equipping classes as well.

There is a need for more individuals to step up in doing missions as there are still many regions in the world that are unreached and in need of more help. This trip had also made me into a person that is more detailed in the work as I believe on giving the best lesson to the kids in the Rohingya.

3. What motivated me to join this D-MIT

Kenneth Yeo, 9 years old : It is more blessed to give than to receive. I am able to give because God has given to me. I was nervous and excited about meeting and making new friends with the Rohingya children who are around my age. It was a good experience and I felt happy that I could learn about the Rohingya children and see them learning happily.

Elaine Tan: The gospel of God is still being preached to the world despite the current pandemic and borders restriction on travelling around the world. With a willing heart and desire to serve in the kingdom of God, I joined the digital missions trip for Rohingya children without any idea what this was or what it would take. We reached out to the Rohingya children beyond the travel borders through digital missions to share God’s love through teaching them Bible stories, English and Maths lessons. Together with the team, it was my privilege to have this opportunity to connect with the Rohingya children and sow good seeds into their hearts. May God multiply and bear fruits in each child’s life.

4. Through Jesus’ eyes, I saw … – Karen Tang

i. The Rohingya children’s hunger and enthusiasm for learning

The children might not have very good living condition and some of them might be lacking in their basic needs, but it did not stop them from wanting to learn. For example, one child did not have food to eat when his father fell ill. The children were very attentive and responsive during our lessons and it was evident that they enjoyed learning. I was thankful to learn that the children were provided with learning opportunities within their local community, including regular English and Math lessons taught by the El Shaddai ministry. I pray that there will be more learning opportunities for the children. Through these opportunities, the children will be better equipped to improve their living condition and lead better lives.

ii. The Rohingya children’s tender and open hearts

Due to the persecution they faced, the Rohingya people had to leave their home country, Myanmar and take refuge in other countries like Malaysia. However, there were no signs of resentment or sadness in the group of children we taught. They appeared happy and contented, and were very open when the team shared the message of God’s love for them.

Although they might not have plenty, they were willing to share whatever they had. The topic we shared with the children was “Love One Another”. We were heartened to learn through their sharing that the children already knew how to demonstrate love. On learning that a classmate did not have food to eat for lunch on one occasion as his father was ill, the children took the initiative to share a part of their lunch with their classmate, so that he would not go hungry. The hearts of the children are tender and open to the gospel. I pray that God will open more doors for the good news to be shared with the children and they will come to experience God in a personal way.

5: How will I motivate others to join the next D-MIT - Colleen

Other than sharing the good reports with the church and people around us, we should set the example to take the initiative to ‘Go’ when the borders are opened. This will encourage more people to take up the challenge to step out, be it through a digital or a physical trip. I will also invite my prayer partners to join me in future missions trip.

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