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Impact Asia Stories > Myanmar PEMBC | Feb 2023

Updated: Feb 14

YW and TM received Faith scholarship in 2022 and they will graduate with Bachelor of Christian Ministry in Mar 2023. Be inspired by their testimonies! God is sending out His workers into the harvest fields!

“Gear up my prayer life” by YW

2022 had been a year of challenges and crises. In the midst of this, I made up my mind to gear up my prayer life. As a result, I felt myself seeking God in a deeper way and desiring to fellowship with Him more than ever before. I also have a passion to preach the Word of God and to lead in praise and worship more. After I graduate, I want to be a good harvester for the Lord by bringing the good news to the unreached areas in my country. I also have a burden for the orphans and helpless people in my area.

“God is faithful to whom He called” by TM

Currently, I serve as a home cell leader and a Sunday School teacher. During the weekends, I will do home visitations to the members of Peace Evangel Church. Last year, I learnt that God is faithful to whom He called. He always provides and gives to His people. Even though I was going through difficult times, God was with me and He prepared me for my ministry in the near future. I came to understand that I must put Him first and trust in His plans in whatever we do. As a result, I began to gain more confidence in preaching and improve in leading worship and prayer. After I graduate, I am committed to become a fisher of men in my hometown. If the Lord opens the door in future, I might consider going for further study.

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