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Impact Asia Stories > 2021 Audacious Digital Missions Program

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


“Two ways I have been stretched in this Audacious Digital Missions Program" by Karen Huang

I was stretched in the area of discipline and time management. Initially I had difficulty juggling my full-time studies, assignments, CCA commitments as EXCO, and Audacious. However, throughout the trip, I learnt to be more efficient and make the best of the time I have without procrastination. I completed the tasks as soon as I could so I could balance and finish all my work without sleeping too late. I also learnt to have a spirit of excellence in everything I do by checking my work, handing in my work early, and preparing for rehearsals so that I can deliver the best program to impact the Laotian students.

I was also stretched in my prayer life to pray more for others. I used to sleep late. I would be very exhausted during prayer time and only had energy to pray for my personal needs. However, during and after Audacious, I was pushed to pray for the children, the country, the mission partner, and also for God’s presence to be there always.

“Three things I learnt from my first missions trip” by Edbert.

1. Keep trying no matter how little our efforts seem to be. God’s love will reach their hearts eventually. One of the students, Wang Wang commented that he loves Jesus on our last day.

2. Even when we thought that we did not teach them much English and about God’s kingdom, our teaching was able to reach their hearts. They were listening attentively. Student Tee Lex used his mobile phone to take pictures of our slides and was attentive to lesson. He was the most responsive student in the class.

3. I also learnt to take the first step in going on a missions trip instead of only thinking about it. Go for it and pray that God will guide you and help you throughout the journey.

“What’s Next For Me?” by Jenny Lim

During my time in Audacious over the span of two and a half months, I’ve been through multiple trainings, and had the opportunity to plan two consecutive digital mission trips to Laos.

It was really an eventful and fruitful time, where I got to learn many skills, from working with different team dynamics, to challenging my leadership skills as the team leader for the second digital mission trip.

I really thank God for placing me in a season of growth. I felt that I was depending more on Him for strength and pushing through the multiple meetings and planning involved.

Throughout the mission trip, I was also able to see how the Laos students were impacted when we taught them English and share about God’s love. It was endearing to see them being excited and eager to learn and participate during the lesson. At that point, the tiredness and stress of planning the mission trip felt rewarded. At the end of the day, what truly matters is sharing God’s love and reaching out to the unsaved.

Moving forward, I hope to continue serving in the digital mission’s team to share the love of God through missions. Using my creativity, I hope to create more media content to inspire members with a heart for missions to join future missions trips and to continue being an impact to the unreached.

Let us be vessels for God to proclaim His Name to all nations and to the ends of the earth.

“Then the Lord said to him, “Go. For he is a vessel chosen by Me to bear My Name before the Gentiles, and Kings, and the children of Israel.” Acts 9:15

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