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September Highlight >Enabling Potential, Fulfilling Dreams

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Sebastian Andriana Bin Nazem:

My dream is to become an engineer one day and have a bright future for me and my family. I want to become an engineer because this is just one of the best things to do, to be able to fix things and to repair things. Receiving this bursary helps me in my transport fares to school, learn extra things and better things.

Nur Liyana Binte Muhammad Rizal:

I want to become a Police woman. This bursary award gives me more interest in studying and motivates me to do more. It gives me confidence in studying.

Aaqil Ariann Bin Ahmad Ashikin:

I dream to become a lawyer in future. Receiving this bursary motivates me to work harder and study harder.

Nurul Faeza Binte Muhammad Affiszal:

My dream is to become a teacher in a Primary School because I want to help the children to learn better. This award encourages me to study harder to become a teacher.

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