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Every Faith member a committed disciple and strategic leader. 

Thrive Series

Cowboy and Wild Horses

Run With The Horses

8 - Week Bible Study on Jeremiah

Starts: 18 August

Every Tuesday 8pm @ Zoom

You can live a life of purpose and excellence like Jeremiah, above the culture and challenges in the world.

Essential Series

Essential 101

Mastering The Basics

For young Christians who want to discover their NEW IDENTITY and how to enjoy their NEW LIFE.
Pre-requisite for Essential 201 Water Baptism and Membership

Essential 201

Water Baptism and Membership

This 3-week course prepares you for water baptism and church membership. Be planted in God’s family to grow strong! Be involved by serving others!

How God Speaks

God speaks in many ways. You can learn how to recognize His voice and live to a different beat.

Family Life

Marriage Mentoring Training

This course seeks to empower couples to mentor younger couples in their marriage. You'll learn the art and heart of Marriage Mentoring and key skills such as how to set relationship boundaries. Prerequisite: For couples married for more than 5 years.

Missions Training

Missions WIT (Whatever It Takes)

God has ONE mission: to reconcile men to himself. We share the same mission. Missions WIT aims to empower you with a biblical foundation and practical skills to be a witness for Christ, across the street and around the world.

Pre-requisite for Mission Impact Teams and Audacious Program

Diaspora Missions

Diaspora Missions is the responsibility of every local church.
In this course, you'll gain a biblical perspective on diaspora missions and how our church seeks to impact these communities through Mercy Impact Teams.

Pre-requisite for Klang MIT and Audacious Program

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